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600+ projects and 10+ years experience. #Läuft

We build digital products with passionate people.

Our Manifesto

We believe in real solutions, agile workflows and beauty in mind.

Design solves problems. We value collaboration that looks at all aspects of design and its impact. For users as well as businesses.

You don't need to come with a professional expertise in design to work with us. You just have to love your brand and products. We will enable you to guide us to a great result.

Our mission

We help small and big brands launch digital products to succeed.

Projects we are working on


Since the founding Silberpuls has been the lead agency for brand, web, app and packaging design.


Silberpuls is currently working on re-designing and re-concepting Deichmann's online shop experience.

Red Wing Shoes

Since almost 10 years we are supporting the German division of the heritage brand from the US… and wear their shoes :)

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Our impact

What our friends say

Westwing would not be where we are without our ongoing collaboration with Ben. Impressive design skills, innovative yet pragmatic, rapid delivery, highest quality, fantastic character, supernice guy. The best of the best.
Stefan Smalla, CEO Westwing AG

göttliches Gespür für Marken und Design

Lea-Sophie Cramer, Founder Amorelie
Awesome team, top quality designs, quick iterations and great expertise for the latest UI/UX trends. Always a pleasure working with you!
Moritz Poewe,
Partner Paua Ventures
These guys are absolutely top notch at their craft but also 'get it' when it comes to commercial reality - which makes for great output that looks amazing, hits the spot and is pragmatic. Combine with a really fun attitude and you've got a great partner in crime to get UI/UX done
Sebastian Fallert,
Founder Thank’s Ben