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Meet the team


Our values

We value honesty, support and an open mind.

At Silberpuls every product is designed by at least one designer and product/business mind. We value passionate goals and direct feedback and try to always balance aesthetics, function and - let's face it - also fun working on a product. Because who should enjoy it if we don't ourselves.

We are usually working on around 20 projects at a time. Each designer at around 2-3. That keeps us fresh.
We always try to support each other and collaborate to make sure the best product gets launched.
We believe that diversity means something in design and should not just be a buzz word.

What drives us

We believe that great products are built in teams. That's why we try to balance focus time to get sh*t done and discussing. Discussing quite a lot to be honest.

We are constantly learning to adapt to different background knowledge of our clients. This helps us grow as designers as our users can be quite different from time to time.

Our team also comes with different skills, motivation and passion. That's why we try to make sure that the right ones collaborate and work on brands they'd use themselves so that your brand profits from this motivation, too.

Founding year of the agency.
Projects we have been working on since we started. Small websites, brands, apps, and a lot of different scale online shops.
6 UX/UI designers + 3  business/product minds + 1 social media expert

Meet the team

Marina, Kathi and Anna are smiling for you. Follow them and the rest of the team around our day-to-day life on our Instagram channel.

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Product meets Design

Meet Ben & Andreas

Ben founded the company 2010 as a freelance designer and has over 10 years established the basic company setup. Andreas joined as managing director, product manager, and business guy. They quite like each other. Today Silberpuls has grown to a team of 10 creative heads working together in Kreuzberg in Berlin, a little family.

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